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We have formed a team of industrial x-ray system design, manufacturing and  integrators that is unparalleled in the Non-Destructive Industry!

Collectively we have over a century of experience in simple, complex, standardized, and customized x-ray inspection systems. We have been active in governmental and specialty industries - e.g. Nuclear, Aerospace, Defense, Petro-chemical, Automotive, Safety - all over the world and we have amassed an impressive repertoire of clients. Give us a call or send us a message with your application demands and see what we can do for you today!

What  x-ray method suits your needs ?

◾iX-Control Software Solutions

◾Large and Small Installations

◾Enclosed and Open Frame Systems

◾iPX Image Intensifier System Upgrades

◾Computed Tomography (CT)

◾Digital Radiography (DR)

◾DICONDE Image & Database per ASTM

◾Automated (CNC) Inspection Systems

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